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Welcome to ChesterBrown.org !!

Next Show :

February 19 & 20 - Hotel Blotto - Best Western - 444 Pine Lake Avenue La Porte, IN - Chester Brown and Mr Blotto take over a hotel for a weekend, always a good time! This year's theme is 'Saturday Night Fever.' Hotel may be sold out of rooms but there are others near by, or just come for the show! - click here for directions

Upcoming Shows

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Weekend Pass gets you in in Both days. Single Day/Night Pass gets you in either Friday or Saturday.



Random Tunes
Dance Like a Devil -Live at Ike Fest '10 Astral Projection (Live at Ike Fest '10) Take it Back (at Ike Fest '10)

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  Front : CB face in moon Back : "If I Were the King of My Own Universe I'd Make It Peaceful You'd See" -"Hide" quote



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