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Welcome to ChesterBrown.org !!


February 17-18 - Hotel Blotto - Best Western - 444 Pine Lake Avenue La Porte, IN - Chester Brown, Mr Blotto and other bands take over a hotel for a weekend. Always a good time! Dazed and Confused theme this year - click here for directions

June 15/16 - Brown Town 9!

Early Bird Weekend Pass Early Bird Day Pass







Chester Brown Knitted Cap

Colors Include : Green, Navy, and Grey


Chester Brown Tees


While Available!



  Front : CB face in moon Back : "If I Were the King of My Own Universe I'd Make It Peaceful You'd See" -"Hide" quote



Watch Documentary on Vimeo for Free!


DVDs Available Here! (with extra features) $10



You can purchase the CD at a show or online! Also available for download at iTunes and cdbaby.com



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